Be free from time,
don't care about spacial and physical limits

Get immersive brand experience and
collaborative work in Virtual Corporate Spaces.
Powered by our enterprise-ready virtual reality solution.

We help brands to break free

Free from restrictions of time, location and physical limits

We do this by facilitating the 3D virtualization of your products and brand. With this, your services are available anytime, from everywhere in the world. This includes not only data, but also your personal and emotional services like sales, after-sales and knowledge management.

Access a new kind of media and infrastructure

Unified communication and collaboration

Create spaces and setup meetings, voice chat with participants or use our Advanced Messenger as well as other tools, all in your own real-time 3D environment. Instead of isolated offline apps, we provide smart and connected social experiences, whether you are on a desktop computer, mobile device or use a virtual reality headset.

Get ready for the global village

Effective, scalable and sustainable

Since most companies operate on a global scale, virtualization provides freedom in administration, for development and during production. Your own Virtual Corporate Space will grow and adapt to the changes and needs of your business. Additionally, this cost-effective solution reduces the carbon footprint of your business by traveling less. All this while accounting for strict enterprise safety standards.

Case Example: The Virtual Design Center for dormakaba

For dormakaba we created the „Virtual Design Center Interactive“ as a perfectly tailored Virtual Corporate Space. Show Case

„Virtual showrooms with worldwide access and without travel increase the efficiency of an organization exponentially.“

Uwe Eisele, Lead Marketing Germany dormakaba

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We already developed a bunch of ready-to-use modules that can kick-start the development of your Virtual Corporate Space. All this while maintaining a high quality of code and user experience. Just tell us what you need and together we will tailor your application.

meeting Meeting

Meet in Virtual Space Meet up with customers, partners or colleagues globally to collaborate cross-platform in Virtual Space. Create public or private meetings and invite your collaborators.

message Messenger

Chat beyond text With many interactions, Virtual Space supports easy sharing of products, configurations of those, locations, contacts and much more.

keyboard_voice Voice

HQ voice vonnection Chat to other users with a high-quality voice chat. This integrates seamlessly with groups in a meeting.

people Groups

Easily control groups Put multiple users in a group and navigate them through Virtual Space.

community Community

Keep track of your contacts Manage partners, customers and colleagues. See who's online and who's not, initiate meetings, learnings or just hang out together in Virtual Space! Integrates with the Meeting module

explore Navigation

It was never this easy to navigate through Virtual Space Save, name, share, and teleport to locations. Design your own guided journeys or presentations in 3D space. Join with a PC, VR headset or on mobile - navigational actions are mapped to intuitive inputs regarding your device.

folder_open Content Browser

Use and manage any type of content As easy as pie, organizing your products in Virtual Space never was more fun!

slideshow Media Viewer

Present 2D media together Take important documents into Virtual Space to support meetings or work. Supported formats: pdf, png, jpg and videos in several formats.

Cloud Services

Instead of isolated offline apps, we provide smart and connected social experiences, whether on a desktop computer, on mobile devices or with virtual reality headsets. We achieve this with a set of cloud solutions:

person Identities

Manage and integrate identities Identify your users to track interactions, enable access- and license management. Create a user pool or integrate your company´s employees.

security Access

Control team and users access Group users in teams and grant access to different resources or to your entire app on a group or individual level. Use our license service module for fine-grained access management.

view_list Database

Store private and public data Create, manage and import data like products, meeting histories or whatever you need. Once in the database, sharing this information becomes easy!

cloud Storage

Access files from anywhere Don't care about using a different computer: Your uploaded, created and shared files are available to you from anywhere in the world.

timeline Metrics

Get the most out of your data Analyze how users use your application. This analytic data, for example, provides information about product usage and can help you to make decisions about future feature development.

send Distribution

Keep everything up to date We develop, build, test and upload your app. Distribution to all your applications users is then performed automatically.

Concept, content and consulting

To get the most out of your brand, we combine the power of VISPA with our agency services.

volume_up Sound

Next level sound design Make your customer hear the brand with every virtual step he takes. Create an experience that immerses them into the world that best represents your brand.

location_city Virtual Architecture

Represent your brand values We take care of your space and work together with architects to create genuine environments if needed.

mode_edit Consulting + Conception + Design

Interactive brand experiences Using the experience and versatility of our designers, we can together find the most suitable communications solution for your requirements.

code Software Development

Your customized interactions and tools Our passionate developers fight for the most optimized code, using robust web and game technologies, letting your Virtual Space shine in its best light.

layers 2D + 3D Creation

Creating vibrant worlds Our artists love to virtualize your real world products and environments with every facet and close attention to details, all while also keeping performance and usability in mind.

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Do you want to know more? Tap into the full potential of Virtual Corporate Spaces! Chat with us, meet us in a workshop or even join a VR meeting.

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